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Our Vision

Designer eyewear that supports animals

​Fetch is a small company with a big vision. We believe buying things you need should support the things you love. Modern philanthropy is no longer just a check in the mail followed by a tote bag that you never use. Today altruists can effect change by thoughtfully considering the items they bring into their lives and choosing those that give back. 

Fetch Eyewear has pledged to donate all profits to the Pixie Project to improve animal welfare through rescue, veterinary care and education. We are extremely fortunate to do what we do and sincerely appreciate the support of those who wear our glasses and share our vision.

Our Story

Good eyewear since 2004

​Fetch founder Ann Sacks was once led to believe that expensive designer frames were the only alternative to ugly, disposable drugstore readers that she had been wearing reluctantly. She bit the bullet, shelled out the cash and misplaced her ‘small fortune’ specs a few days later, never to be seen again. Not one to be fooled twice, she set out to find a better way. 

With business savvy honed by her years as a tile maven, Ann began to unravel the optical industry and quickly found that high frame prices were not driven by material costs but rather by huge markups and designer licensing fees levied by a few huge corporations that controlled the majority of the eyewear market. 

Undaunted, she set out to find quality suppliers and manufacturers who could help her create an independent line of well designed, well crafted frames at a reasonable price point. In 2004 she launched her new venture as Amy Sacks Eyewear with a collection of stylish reading glasses sold through department stores and boutiques. The business began online sales in 2006 to better serve customers, and in 2010 prescription eyewear was added to the lineup. 

The ultimate goal of this optical adventure has always been to provide long term funding for animal welfare, the cause near and dear to our hearts. In 2012 Amy Sacks Eyewear was renamed Fetch Eyewear to better communicate our mission and our commitment to donate all corporate profits to the Pixie Project in support of animal rescue, accessible veterinary care and education programs.

Media Kit

Fetch in the News

In August of 2012, we changed our company name from Amy Sacks Eyewear to Fetch Eyewear to better reflect our mission and connect with animal rescue efforts. Fetch Eyewear donates all corporate profits to support animal rescue and accessible veterinary efforts, as well as pet education projects. This partnership has flourished in the past eight years and reflects the belief that fashion is nothing without compassion. The company continues to rebrand itself to further this mission of animal activism. 

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