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Designer eyewear doesn’t have to be expensive.

​Fetch is a small company with a big vision. We believe buying things you need should support the things you love. Modern philanthropy is no longer just a check in the mail followed by a tote bag that you never use. Today altruists can effect change by thoughtfully considering the items they bring into their lives and choosing those that give back.

Fetch Eyewear has pledged to donate all profits to the Pixie Project to improve animal welfare through rescue, veterinary care and education. We are extremely fortunate to do what we do and sincerely appreciate the support of those who wear our glasses and share our vision.

Affordable designer glasses is not an oxymoron. Well-made, designer eyewear can be extremely affordable.

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Your Rescue Story: Miss Mabry

Your Rescue Story: Miss Mabry

"My husband Matt actually fell in love with her first the first time we met her. But one look at that pittie smile and we knew she needed to come home with us."