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How We Design

There's no one way to make a frame.

​At Fetch, design is a collaborative process, but each person has their own method of moving from inspiration to final product. Take a look at what inspires our founder, Ann Sacks, in her design.

How we design ann

Frame: Pepper

Ann Sacks

Crafting a New Classic

Using timeless design with a modern twist, I focused on crafting durable frames that would survive my tough love approach to glasses.

I have always loved the dramatic, iconic appeal of cat eye frames. But how do you bring such a classic into the present without going retro? I always start this way… what is flattering? Certainly whatever your age, it is flattering for glasses to move cheekbones up rather than weigh them down. Cat eyes have this lift power in spades but many vintage versions close off the eyes behind tiny lenses and feature narrow angles that bisect the face. For Pepper the lenses were scaled to open up the face and the curves at the brow and cheek were designed to be soft and sweeping, not harsh. The crisp vertical lines at the corners provide a clean architectural counterpoint and keep this frame thoroughly modern. 

Next, I focused on materials that would make the style accessible to a wide range of women. I chose to use both bold opaque colors for a strong look and softer transparent shades for a more subtle appearance. The result is a new classic, stylish, adventurous and forward-looking.