January 17, 2013
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Meet Georgie, Fetch Office Cat

Georgie is the official live in Fetch office cat!

​Georgie is the official live in Fetch office cat! She came to us after one unsuccessful adoption and not socializing well at the cattery the Pixie Project. It turns out she likes people more than other kitties. Perfect for us! As part of the Fetch Family, Georgie will overlook all operations at Fetch headquarters in addition to expert napping and cuddling. We are so smitten that we even went and made a movie about her (above). Follow us on instagram @FetchEyewear to see frequent Georgie updates!

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  • Amanda
    August 9, 2013

    I volunteer at Pixie on occasion and I do miss my Georgie girl! I’m so glad she made a home with you guys. Be sure to get a laser dot toy (better quality laser pointer at R-Shack lasts longer). Last I got to visit with her, she LOVED chasing it around the lobby. Give that precious some ear-scritches for me. I miss her!

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