" Got Smarts? "

Einstein was created for all you smarty pants out there who spend their days contemplating the theory of relativity and the laws of the electromagnetic field. This frame boasts intellect with it's predictable curves and wide bridge. Introduced in a simple warm Tortoise, this color is best paired with olive skin tones. 

Designer's Note

You may have noticed our collection is gradually getting more adventurous. We've moved past the days of rectalinear forms and have started to play more with color and shape. Einstein is intended to be a classic staple to the collection, a constant reminder of the past without overbearing our vision for the future. 

Einstein (Tortoise)

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  • Includes
    • Lifetime frame warranty
    • Anti-reflective, scratch resistant, and 100% UVA/UVB coatings, on prescriptions lenses
    • Glasses Case
    • Cleaning Cloth
  • Extras
    • Blue-light Blocker Coating (+$70, please call or email to place an order)
    • Transitions (+$120, please call or email to place an order)
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  • Men
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The Einstein is recommended for:
Oval, Square & Rectangle face shapes.

Our Lenses

Great glasses are our passion and we are sticklers for quality. Our lenses are high quality optical plastic and include anti-reflective and scratch resistant coatings. Every prescription order is made to your exact requirements by a lab in our hometown of Portland, Oregon.